Good Kitchen Design: How to make the most of your space

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Your kitchen should be designed to work in sync with your lifestyle, yet too often it is the opposite way around. As home design continues to revolutionise itself the modern kitchen is a world away from its past incarnations. Previously seen as a room of preparation and storage, the modern kitchen is open, inviting and acts as the epicentre of the home, truly the heart of the modern family unit. This rise in status has resulted in an increased desire for a kitchen that reflects upon the household, effective and efficient. Check out these newest kitchen design rules to mould your own classic, modern kitchen.

Establish your Design Reasoning

The first and most important design rule is to decide what motivation you have for your kitchen. This can be divided into three broad categories; Functionality - If your kitchen has inadequate bench, storage or stove space you may be inclined to re-design. Style - If you're looking to update your kitchen with modern cabinetry, appliances or colour schemes. Value - If you're looking to add additional value to your home for re-sale value. Without establishing your design motivation you'll end up with a scattered and poorly functional kitchen.

Good Kitchen Design - How to make the most of your space.

Start with the Kitchen Triangle

The Kitchen Triangle, or 'work triangle' as defined by the National Kitchen and Bath association, is an imaginary line drawn between the three vital work stations of your kitchen. The sink, oven top and fridge. You should be able to easily transition to each centre without the space being cluttered or too far apart (not more than three metres between each point).


If the Kitchen Triangle is a symbol of an efficient kitchen, your surfaces, cabinetry and appliances will represent the style. Try to maintain streamlined surfaces, cabinets should reach the ceiling or run flush with a bulkhead. This limits wasted space which impairs your design with inefficiency, as well as preventing a recess for catching dust. Consider integrating appliances within the design through the use of integrated front panels. This technique can blend a dishwasher into the overall style of your kitchen seamlessly.

Good Kitchen Design - How to make the most of your space.

Lighting and Colour

Lighting and colour are also key components of strong kitchen design. Be aware that colours may dictate mood in certain homes. Neutral palates are thought to create calm while using bright, bold colours on splashbacks can create a more direct aesthetic. When it comes to lighting, consider using energy efficient LED’s or compact fluorescents in work spaces. Adding dimming switches or floor lights can also be used to create mood and atmosphere at your discretion.

Designing your ultimate kitchen, a room which is both effective and efficient while retaining a warmth, joy and connection, is a massive undertaking. As the centre of your families health and wellbeing there are a range of factors from design, to mathematical and aesthetic, which will dictate your finished product. Consider the needs of your family and your home and with these hints and tips you’ve taken the first step towards your perfect, designer kitchen.

I hope you found these kitchen design tips useful. Let me know what you think Happy

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