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Man, it has been a while since I highlighted some of the great talent that we cultivate here in Oz. I blame it on a combination of laziness, distance from trade events (Poor Perth!) and time running a million k's an hour away from me.

So once again, my spotlight shines brightly on a successful lighting design company. The talented
duo of Ben and Kiri Wahrlich (actually Kiwi's but that has never stopped us claiming people before), can't be labelled 'emerging' talent any more - they are definitely design fixtures (pardon the pun) with their beautiful range of lighting, furniture and homewares products as Anaesthetic. My own home (currently in planning stage - I dropped the plans off this morning and now am holding my breath for limited council changes) sported several of their lighting products in different stages of concept, from the kitchen to the entry to the dining room. I've shown both their Hide leather pendants and Kasa concrete homewares work here before, here and here back in 2013 & 2014. My current faves however are their Constellation pendants - I'd love to have the Southern Cross above my head as I enter home or sit down to dinner in a darkened room.

I could go on about their design and engineering credentials, their accolades and their awards, but I think their products are best to soak up visually. Hopefully the photos suffice, for now.

Constellation Lights 'Southern Cross' by Anaesthetic in beautiful polished brass.
{Constellation Lights 'Southern Cross' by Anaesthetic in beautiful polished brass}

Constellation Lights by Anaesthetic in luxurious polished brass.
{Constellation Lights by Anaesthetic in luxurious polished brass}

Bezel pendant lights by Anaesthetic with its spun aluminium powder-coated top with piano-inspired polished brass 'bezel'
{Bezel pendant lights by Anaesthetic with its spun aluminium powder-coated top with piano-inspired polished brass 'bezel'}

Bezel pendant light by Anaesthetic with its spun aluminium top powder-coated white with piano-inspired polished aluminium 'bezel'.
{Bezel pendant light by Anaesthetic with its spun aluminium top powder-coated white with piano-inspired polished aluminium 'bezel'}

Bala pendant light by Anaesthetic in black.
{Bala pendant light by Anaesthetic in black}

Bala pendant light by Anaesthetic in precision machined polished brass.
{Bala pendant light by Anaesthetic in precision machined polished brass}

Hide pendant lights by Anaesthetic with individually cut leather shades.
{Hide pendant lights by Anaesthetic with individually cut leather shades}

Mariner stools by Anaesthetic made from American White Oak with navy or white braided rope foot rests sourced from sailing yachts, hence the name.
{Mariner stools by Anaesthetic made from American White Oak with navy or white braided rope foot rests sourced from sailing yachts, hence the name}

Jack concrete bluetooth speaker by Anaesthetic.
{Jack concrete bluetooth speaker}

Totem stackable stools from recyclable LPDE.
{Totem stackable stools from recyclable LPDE}

Anaesthetic will be exhibiting at the Sydney Indesign event from August 13-15, so get along to soak up some of the talent. Wish I could be there!

xo Romona

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Sustainable House Day 2014

Open the door to sustainable living by touring some of Australia’s most environmentally progressive homes on show at Sustainable House Day. This Sunday, 14th September, you have the opportunity to tour an amazing array of everyday Australian homes all built and created around the ideal of reducing their footprint on the earth.

By partaking in Sustainable House Day you can tap into local knowledge to learn how to successfully integrate renewable energy, recycling, and other sustainable practices into your home and lifestyle. This unique event is a valuable resource for anyone looking for inspiration, ideas and the key to sustainable living.

Homeowners, sponsors and local sustainable groups look forward to sharing their knowledge with you, plus I'll be volunteering at the Harrisdale home in WA for the day. There are homes and gardens open to the public throughout Australia. You can find more information about each house and its features on the webpage. This is a national event, but since I'm volunteering here in Perth, I've just highlighted a few WA ones below.

Carla & Bens House, part of #Sustainable #House Day 2014.
{Carla and Ben’s House, 128A Roseberry St, Bedford WA}


Perth's Got Talent 2

Further to my last Perth post here, I have found even more designs by the great students of Central Institute of Technology, UWA and Curtin Universities in Perth.

Here are just a few more examples of amazing WA talent from
Decor + Design Melbourne 2014.

Holiday table by Callum Campbell.
Holiday table by Callum Campbell}


Spotlight on Australian Designers | Lab De Stu

Ok, so when trying to find a product or image that summed up Lab De Stu for their VIVID at Decor + Design appearance, I ended up with a whole post on them.
Made up of Melburnians Adam Lynch, Dale Hardiman and André Hnatojko, these guys have kicked arse on the national and international design award scene since 2011. DQ calls them 'Industry Giants', and being in their very early 20's that is saying something!

Although I could have added every image from the website, I'll leave this pretty little teaser for you and let you explore their simple but beautiful website yourself. I'm sure I will have more to add later, once I've seen their wares at D+D this week.

Up Up pendant is a collaboration between Dale Hardiman from Lab De Stu and artist / jewellery designer Emily Green. More #lighting on the RSD blog.
{The Up Up pendant is a collaboration between Dale Hardiman from Lab De Stu and artist / jewellery designer Emily Green. Emily's signature polymer clay beads combine with Dale's lighting design prowess to present a beautiful collection of pendants. Picking this image from the colour range was quite difficult. I changed my mind several times}


Geek Chic

Whether you are embracing your inner chemist, classic (80s) movie and toy enthusiast or just like a side of education with your fun and pretty, here are a few finds to get your nerd on. Enjoy!

For a little randomness with your relativity, Progetti Rnd Lab Fun Time Random Clock at Top3. More geek chic for the home on the RSD Blog.
{For a little randomness with your relativity, Progetti Rnd Lab Fun Time Random Clock at Top3}


Gravity Light

I came across this project and just had to share. Sure, it's not pretty, but how innovative and what a great humanitarian effort. Well done Deciwatt and everyone that contributed through their Indiegogo campaign.

The GravityLight was the result of wanting to help solve the unreliable and unsafe lighting issue for the poverty-stricken 21% (more than 1.5 billion!) of the world's population. Deciwatt's mission is to provide affordable, sustainable and reliable light, anytime, that enables people to break free from the economic, health and environmental hazards of kerosene lamps.

The GravityLight is an innovative way of generating light and low levels of power from gravity. It takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight that powers GravityLight, creating 25 minutes of light on its descent. Can be used over and over again, anytime without the need for sunshine or batteries, therefore having no running costs and being extremely long lasting.

The sustainable gravity powered #LED GravityLight by Deciwatt.
{The human-powered, Gravity-run LED GravityLight by Deciwatt. Image source}


DesignEX 13

I’m going to have to apologise again for taking so long between posts, but when you see the mountain of pics below from the show, (and I have drastically culled from those taken on the day) then you’ll understand. Celebrating 25 years of DesignEX, Melbourne hosted this trade only event for professionals working in either the architecture & design, building & construction or hotel & hospitality industries, or students of the same. But don’t dismay, I took loads (and loads and loads) of pics and can hopefully sum up the best bits for you now.

The Hives exhibition was the stand-out for me with its gorgeous collaborative pieces. “When designers, interdisciplinary practitioners and leading industrial enterprises put their heads together, the results can be exciting, unexpected and intriguing. Curator Anne Maree-Sargeant returns the popular Hives exhibit to designEX 2013 with a highly considered display of products that bring together covetable objects from visionaries and brands under the themes of Innovation and Collaboration”.

My favourite for years has been the WebLight by Design By Them (along with everything else they do!). I fell in love with the gentle image of the aptly-named wispy-looking light set amongst a bright green forrest on their webpage years ago. “WebLight is the result of an exploration into the potential possibilities of reusing plastic bags. Made from recycled content, each WebLight is individually hand made and features an intricate pattern of texture and holes that are the direct result of its unique forming process.”

Weblight by Design By Them at DesignEX13, Melbourne. More on the RSD Blog.
{Weblight by Design By Them}

Another creation I was looking forward to seeing in person was the precise Hoshigame by Artemide. Developed with Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake, the sustainably designed, foldable lampshade explores the intersection of creativity and mathematics.  Made from fabric derived from recycled PET bottles, “Miyake's unique folding technology allows a single piece of fabric in a flat 2D shape to be unfolded into a 3D shade of statuesque form. The structure of the recycled material, together with an additional surface treatment allows 'Hoshigame' to perfectly keep its shape without the need for an internal frame, and to be stored flat when not in use and then re-shaped when needed.” Although smaller than I expected, it was still a thing of beauty.

Hoshigame by Artemide + Issey Miyake at DesignEX13, Melbourne. More on the RSD Blog.
{Hoshigame by Artemide + Issey Miyake}

Here are a few other highlights from the Hives exhibition and lots more from the show.


Lamp revamp

Those that follow my mish-mashed Instagram account, may have seen my impulse buy at the Abbotsford Convent markets waaay back in Feb 2013. Some of you also commented on my lovely bedside table lamps from our real estate shots, home open and move. I've put together a quick summary of my DIY lamp update, but scoot down the page further for a bit more detail. Enjoy!

Nickel-plated lamp base with Washi-tape shade. #DIY Lamp revamp on the blog.


Sexy and Smart - LED Tech

The self-proclaimed smartest light globe in the world to date has gone viral. By the time I saw it, a few days into the Kickstarter backing process, it had already sold out. This sexy and smart product is bound to get the creative juices flowing of both designers and tech-heads alike.

LIFX is a WiFi enabled, multi-colour, energy efficient LED light bulb that you control with your smart phone. Developer’s boast “LIFX gives you unprecedented control of your lights, reduces your energy costs, lasts up to 25 years and delivers an amazing range of experiences we think you’ll love". They couldn't be more right - the response has been phenomenal. The innovative use of energy-efficient LED technology, combined with responsive smart phone tech that is so ingrained in our lifestyles now is irresistible, as evident by the amount of money raised, in such a small amount of time, from people wanting to get a hand on this new and exciting product.

Simply switch out your existing light globes and pop in these innovative new globes. Set your colour to any shade via your iPhone, to suit your mood or decor. Endless fun could be had with this feature - think of the parties, romantic evenings or even just for relaxing. With this, you are able to turn your lights on and off without getting up, or even being home - a plus when travelling. You can program the lights to a time schedule, as a wakey-wakey in the morning or to fade out slowly after an unnerving night of horror movies. I do also love the idea of a fading night light for the kiddies. An added brag, it has been designed, developed and manufactured right here in Melbourne, Australia!

I’m very impressed by the colour versatility, the programmable dimming and lighting up, not to mention being able to receive all your social media alerts with a flicker or colour change of the lights - say hello to the future! I'll take my drink in the VR room thanks, robomaid!

Unfortunately, the future doesn’t arrive until 2013 - and possibly a bit longer for those of us not lucky enough to have got in the early bidding. Maybe, with its popularity, the price can come down somewhat and it could be in stores next year.

LIFX - Visualise your music through smart phone controlled LED lighting. Read more on the RSD Blog
{Image via Kickstarter}

For a full explanation, and some cool demonstrations, watch the clip below or for more info see the LIFX or Kickstarter websites. Enjoy. 

xo Romona

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Perth's Got Talent

It took travelling to the other side of the country to realise what amazing designers we have here on the sunset coast. I had already fallen in love with more than half of the designs before I looked up to the title of the stand and saw they were all students of Central Institute of Technology in Perth. I guess I could blame my seven year absence, but I was unaware that Central had such a prolific design scene and was more than just a place for short night courses in exotic languages - forgive me, that was my only experience. I am so happy to be shown my ignorance. Vivid was the first exhibit at Decor + Design that I walked through, and it wasn't until I saw the separate CIT stand that I realised so many of the entrants (and successful ones at that) were from my home town of Perth. Not to mention that more than half of the student entrants in the VIVID Design Competition were from WA - including CIT, University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University (my home turf!). Go West!

I've tried not to be too limiting of my selection of designs that I found at the conference, so if you notice that your design is not here, just know that I was so overwhelmed by the talent, I may have forgotten to grab a card or scribble a note. For now, enjoy all this sunny WA talent and I'm sure I'll have another post soon with more.

Aerial Chair by Megan Devenish-Krauth, industrial designer at Megmeg, Perth.
Aerial Chair by Megan Devenish-Krauth, industrial designer at Megmeg. I want this!}