Put A Cork In It

Clork by Puik Art in collaboration with Ilias Ernst. #cork #home #furniture
{Clork by Puik Art in collaboration with Ilias Ernst. Simple forms combined with the natural material gives the ‘Clork’ a great look and feel. Its left corner stable in the present, while the circular right side allows time to roll by, Clork comes in natural coloured cork or graphic black}

Smed bar stool by Great Dane Furniture and OX DENMARQ. #cork #home #furniture
{The Smed bar stool by Great Dane Furniture and OX DENMARQ, showcases simple design with simple materials. The Smed Bar Stool consists of a blacksmith crafted, powder coated steel frame with cork seat in either fresh mint, brass or white}

Muuto's Corky carafe by Andreas Engesvik. #cork #home
{Muuto's sexy little Corky carafe checks me out every time I walk in to a store stocking Muuto. “The shape of the Corky carafe is inspired by the archetypical bottle. It is a straightforward combination of glass and cork that functions equally well as a wine carafe, a water jug or even a milk bottle. Corky has a simple and familiar form but with a characteristic and oversized detail. The Corky drinking glasses are small and light companions for the Corky carafe. With a low-key and light expression, they are suited for both everyday use and special occasions with friends and family.” says creator Andreas Engesvik. Available at Living Edge}

Cork Family stools/side tables, Vitra by Jasper Morrison available from Space Furniture. #cork #home #furniture
{Cork Family stools/side tables, Vitra by Jasper Morrison available from Space Furniture are a quirky addition to your home or office interior. Nothing like a giant pushpin in the corner}

Tembo is a stool made of stacked pieces of wood, metal, and cork by La Chance and Note Design Studio. #cork #home #furniture
{Tembo is a stool made of stacked pieces of wood, metal, and cork by La Chance and Note Design Studio, available from Living Edge. This ‘modern totem’ has a playful and bulky aspect recalling children’s toys and African tomtoms (Tembo means elephant foot in Swahili)}

Corker pendant lights by Max Harper. #cork #home #lighting
{Corker pendant lights by Max Harper, are inspired by the iconic cork hats that, for better or worse, are linked to Australiana. Corker playfully mocks this cultural iconography in a modern design context. Australian designed and made, each piece is hand turned by local craftsmen in Sydney from agglomerated cork. Cork is a hardy yet renewable, bio-degradable and recyclable resource, designed for disassembly, ensuring parts end up reclaimed, recycled or disposed of appropriately}

Realising that this post has ended up a lot more Scandi than Aussie (except for the last one), but they just do so many great things. All available here in Australia though, so enjoy enjoy.

xo Romona

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The Dining Room Dilemma

So I am having a dining room dilemma. Our household cannot come to a decision on what type of dining chairs to get. OK, so the kids aren't really involved in the decision making being under 5yo, so really I mean my husband won't come around to my designer way of thinking and has that dirty word 'budget' as the number 1 (O.N.E) priority!
I'm not a ridiculous spender. In fact I am quite fiscally tight. But when it comes to my home, I want quality. That doesn't have to cost the earth - I can happily sit on sturdy well-made chairs from a past era road-side collection that have been buffed back into shape. I just don't want to give in to the fast and frequent flashes of 'Vintage replicas' all over my screens and junk mail pages.

Currently we have four of my favourite white Eames Eiffel based DSRs. You know the ones that you probably see everywhere, as that filthy filthy word 'REPLICAS'. Yuck! If I am to accept crap, it at least has to be original crap! Don't mass produce someone elses hard work and (previously) inimitable creativity and flog them off at $39 a pop. It just shits me.

I'll admit to owning two *shudder* replicas at one stage. I had my four beauties from Living Edge and on moving from an apartment to a house, and bringing two kids into the world, needed at least two more chairs. I succumbed. But boy did they grate on me. Every time I walked past the room those ugly shiny plastic things glared at me. Sure, no one else could tell the difference - apparently - but I could. And I had given in to the mass marketing of these cheap charlatans riding on the coat-tails of others.

So when I could stand them no longer, when I'd had enough of moving them to the most unused corner of the room, when I had scrubbed at dried Weetbix (that seemed to wipe easily from the others) one time too many, I made the decision. Those puppies went straight onto gumtree. The respondents came fast and eager - even though I assured them that they were… *ewww* replicas. I got the same price I had paid for them originally back in my hands, along with my now relieved conscience.

But now we only have four chairs again.

Eames® Moulded Plastic Side Chair Eiffel Base (DSR) from Living Edge.
{Eames® Moulded Plastic Side Chair Eiffel Base (DSR) from Living Edge}


Perth's Got Talent 2

Further to my last Perth post here, I have found even more designs by the great students of Central Institute of Technology, UWA and Curtin Universities in Perth.

Here are just a few more examples of amazing WA talent from
Decor + Design Melbourne 2014.

Holiday table by Callum Campbell.
Holiday table by Callum Campbell}


Kid-size creations

I've been staring at the bare walls of my two boys' rooms in our current rental just thinking what I could do with the space that would be transportable to any new home we make. With that in mind, here are a few products and inspiring images for kids rooms and play that doesn't have to sacrifice your desire to keep a grown up house. I thought someone else may also be facing this dilemma, so here are a few I've found so far.

Tables Four Two in the classic grey colour set by Sheree B Product Design.
Tables Four Two in the classic grey colour set by Sheree B Product Design. She also does other colour schemes, but this was the best. She is incredibly friendly and helpful too!}

Treehorn Designs Oh Buoy small lamp in blue
Treehorn Designs Oh Buoy small lamp in blue. Not sure if I would put this in the boys room or steal it for myself}


Quick distraction

With so much going on in the world, my moving house, lack of internet connection and allergies from too many moving boxes seem like major #firstworldproblems.

Having said that, sometimes we all need a bit of aesthetic joy in our lives to remind us of people's potential to create beautiful things.

With all the above going on, I haven't yet sorted out my reams of notes, brochures and cards from the D+D conference yet, so I will leave you with just a taste of beautiful things from the conference. My iPhone pics seemed to have turned out a bit dull, so I will dedicate a couple of larger future posts to the amazing designers that I met and discovered (or rediscovered) at
Decor + Design Melbourne once I have some quality images from the designers themselves. For now, enjoy this brief sample.

The Reykjavik Cabinet by Amy Perejuan-Capone of Horse on Toast, just one of the many talented sandgropers on display at D+D.
{The Reykjavik Cabinet by Amy Perejuan-Capone of Horse on Toast, just one of the many talented sandgropers on display at D+D}


Re-use Revolution breeds new App

I have put together a few of my faves from the recently launched Couchelo app below to showcase just a few of the large range of items available.

To celebrate the launch of the app, Will and the team are offering a $250 giveaway to 5 lucky people. More information on the giveaway at the end of the post!

Vintage finds on the Couchelo App. The RSD Blog.

So get in there all my lucky, wonderful Melbourne and Sydney readers and snatch them up quick - or if you are feeling generous, feel free to send some of them my way Winking.


Black and White

Here are just a few pretty monotone goodies that have caught my eye lately. I'm desperately trying to restrain my purchasing until I have at least designed my house, let alone built it! Until then, I'll let you drool with me.

Harbour House by uber-talented Arent&Pyke. How yum is that Christian Liaigre console table?!
Harbour House by uber-talented Arent&Pyke. How yum is that Christian Liaigre console table?!}


Concrete jungle

How could I not start a concrete post with the most stunning of my Melbourne-life BFF-date champagne-sipping locations?! The Prahran Hotel (II) by the multi-talented Techné Architects is simply stunning. If you live in Melbourne and haven't been, go! If you don't live in Melbourne, visit and go! Well worth the trip to sit in your own cosy concrete pipe, lean in for conspiratorial conversations or voyeuristically stare at passerbys, hoping they don't look up and catch you. The bar is stunning, the outdoor courtyard is stunning, the facade is stunning. The whole thing is… well, stunning. Its an occupational hazard that I wasted part of my day-sans-kids-with-BFF walking around looking at every little architectural detail, ooo-ing and ahh-ing, but it didn't take too long to shake it off, order up some bubbles from the cute young bar staff and settle ourselves down into comfort and seclusion. I just wished I had discovered it sooner in my Melbourne life, but no matter, its definitely high on the list for the next visit back to catch up with all my ex-locals.

Prahran Hotel interiors by Techné Architects. More #concrete on the blog.
{Prahran Hotel interiors by Techné Architects}


Nautical dreams

The boys and I did a spontaneous day trip to Lancelin beach on Monday and I felt inspired to share some nautical ultramarine goodies with you. Some I own, some I lust after and some are just plain fun. Enjoy Happy

Modern Pirate and #Nautical #homewares on the RSD Blog
{ 1. Compass cushion, 2. Côte d'Azur Ice bucket, 3. Ahoy Door Mat, 4. Skull & Crossbones Cushion, 5. Hold Tight wall flag, 6. Pier Rope Table lamp, 7. World Map Sticker }


Melbourne Decoration + Design 2013

I love a good trade event, as I’m sure by now you can tell. Any excuse to wander around aimlessly through furniture, homewares, art, lighting and all things design and I’ll take it. I visited the Melbourne Decoration + Design 2013 last Thursday but it has taken a few days to decide on my favourite pieces and narrow it down for you all. As usual, the co-located Design:Made:Trade and Furnitex VIVID exhibition were the highlights. I won’t waffle on any longer, just let you bask in the glory, beauty and fun of the following images, although you’ll have to forgive the lack of personally taken images - the event was quite strict with sneaky pic taking. Let me know what you think.

Paul Townsin’s Me + Me Too #Lamps, made of moulded #concrete and so, so beautiful in person. Seen at #Melbourne #Decoration + #Design 2013.
{Paul Townsin’s Me + Me Too Lamps, made of moulded concrete and so, so beautiful in person}


DesignEX 13

I’m going to have to apologise again for taking so long between posts, but when you see the mountain of pics below from the show, (and I have drastically culled from those taken on the day) then you’ll understand. Celebrating 25 years of DesignEX, Melbourne hosted this trade only event for professionals working in either the architecture & design, building & construction or hotel & hospitality industries, or students of the same. But don’t dismay, I took loads (and loads and loads) of pics and can hopefully sum up the best bits for you now.

The Hives exhibition was the stand-out for me with its gorgeous collaborative pieces. “When designers, interdisciplinary practitioners and leading industrial enterprises put their heads together, the results can be exciting, unexpected and intriguing. Curator Anne Maree-Sargeant returns the popular Hives exhibit to designEX 2013 with a highly considered display of products that bring together covetable objects from visionaries and brands under the themes of Innovation and Collaboration”.

My favourite for years has been the WebLight by Design By Them (along with everything else they do!). I fell in love with the gentle image of the aptly-named wispy-looking light set amongst a bright green forrest on their webpage years ago. “WebLight is the result of an exploration into the potential possibilities of reusing plastic bags. Made from recycled content, each WebLight is individually hand made and features an intricate pattern of texture and holes that are the direct result of its unique forming process.”

Weblight by Design By Them at DesignEX13, Melbourne. More on the RSD Blog.
{Weblight by Design By Them}

Another creation I was looking forward to seeing in person was the precise Hoshigame by Artemide. Developed with Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake, the sustainably designed, foldable lampshade explores the intersection of creativity and mathematics.  Made from fabric derived from recycled PET bottles, “Miyake's unique folding technology allows a single piece of fabric in a flat 2D shape to be unfolded into a 3D shade of statuesque form. The structure of the recycled material, together with an additional surface treatment allows 'Hoshigame' to perfectly keep its shape without the need for an internal frame, and to be stored flat when not in use and then re-shaped when needed.” Although smaller than I expected, it was still a thing of beauty.

Hoshigame by Artemide + Issey Miyake at DesignEX13, Melbourne. More on the RSD Blog.
{Hoshigame by Artemide + Issey Miyake}

Here are a few other highlights from the Hives exhibition and lots more from the show.


Ruby ruby ruby ruby!

While in the past our Valentine’s day was spent enjoying delectable French cuisine et le vin under flattering, flickering candlelight, these days (i.e. post-kiddies) it has become an accidental tradition to get the kids to bed on time, get chinese take-away (all the naughty yummy dishes we normally try to resist) and sit on the couch watching a movie.

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, at Vintage & Nostalgia Co. See More #Valentines #Ruby #Red on the RSD Blog. www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, Vintage & Nostalgia Co.}

So to get in the spirit of V-day, I am sharing a bunch of my favourite red and pink products-n-pics to get you in the mood, whether you celebrate valentines day or just want a spicy boost to life. Ruby, crimson, cherry, blood, fire engine, imperial, evil-queen apple, fuchsia, magenta, rust, salmon and all the Pantones in between, whatever your shade of choice, hopefully there is something here to tickle your fancy.



I had hinted at this post a looong while back while soaking up the Australiana for Aussie Day. Forgive my tardiness, but I really wanted to get the best of the million Instagram pics I took at this wonderland of vintage and eclectic treasures. Industriart is the brainchild of the amazing Roni DiCandilo (and I’m sure husband Nick gets a word in to). This hidden gem (actually, it’s more like an epic, Aladdin’s cave of gems) is tucked away in the industrial maze of Bellevue, Perth.

“The idea started initially as an outlet for the many and varied things that my husband and I have collected over many years. However, for two hoarders, it is difficult to part with all your treasures at once, so the concept then became a shop of 'Pure Indulgence' selling only things that we like - retro, vintage, new, serious and not-so serious.”

Make sure you get on over and check out the wonders (and bargains!) ASAP. I have my eye on more than a few of the furniture items and eclectic baubles in the front room and that cool secret back area. I can’t wait for the next Perth trip to do some real damage!

Glass treasures. Some of these are now in my personal collection | More #vintage and #industrial treasures at Industriart on the RSD Blog. www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Vintage glass treasures. Some of these are now in my personal collection}


Spotlight on Australian Designers | Simone LeAmon

A creative spokesperson for the Design Industry in Australia, Simone LeAmon has contributed continuously to publications, run creative masterclasses and lectures, and been involved with Launch Pad, JamFactory and too-many-to-name exhibitions. Ever-present in the publishing world, Simone writes for InDesign (Aust), is editor-at-large for howwecreate.com sharing news of the Australian design and manufacturing sector, as well as lecturing across the disciplines of fine-art, craft and design.

Her literary contributions are a great read. Simone explores What is the Price of Creativity? And How Do We Value The Future of Australian Design? addressing succinctly the report Do You Really Expect To Get Paid? by economists David Throsby and Anita Zednik. Another piece by Simone in Indesign magazine explores What it is to be ‘Australian-Made’. Links to her other articles can be found on the webpage.

A true multi-disciplinarian, she has excelled in design in many forms - furniture, jewellery, product design, lighting, artworks, events, interior design and more. Here are a few of my favourite pieces of hers.

Named after the insect species, the Lepidoptera chair takes it form from studies of the anatomy of butterflies wings, folding fabric salvaged from automotive textile remnants. Bright, stylish and beautiful - both Simone and the chair!

Lepidoptera chair by Simone LeAmon, using Automotive textile remnants | More on the RSD Blog www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Lepidoptera chair, using Automotive textile remnants}

The Ricotta floor lamp is evocative of the making process of its namesake. Uniform lines and bright chartreuse powder coated steel make this an elegant and modern statement piece.

Ricotta Floor Lamp, Simone LeAmon for Rakumba Lighting | more on the RSD Blog www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Ricotta Floor Lamp, Simone LeAmon for Rakumba Lighting}

I am a sucker for statement jewellery. Anyone who knows me, knows that. You can never be too fat or skinny, too short or tall, too dark or light, for stunning high-impact jewellery. LeAmon’s Limited Over pieces are sleek and sculptural, crafted from Bronze and 316 Stainless Steel wax castings of her original Bowling Arm jewellery. The originals used leather waste from cricket balls. The two pieces in the collection, Grubber and Popper, are each named after a different bowling style in the game. I would have to defer to my husband to get any more information on that, or maybe consult with our old Test Match game.

Grubber Limited Over bangle by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/Popper Limited Over bangle by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Limited Over, Grubber (left) and Popper (right) special edition jewellery in bronze and stainless steel}

Grubber Limited Over bangle in Stainless Steel by Simone LeAmon | More on the RSD Blog www.rsdesigns.com.au/blog/
{Limited Over, Grubber special edition jewellery in 316 stainless steel}

Hope you enjoyed the second Spotlight on Australian Designers. I hope to bring you more soon - it’s a long list of lovelies!
Who are some Australian designers that you love or have influenced you in some way?

xo Romona

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Perth's Got Talent

It took travelling to the other side of the country to realise what amazing designers we have here on the sunset coast. I had already fallen in love with more than half of the designs before I looked up to the title of the stand and saw they were all students of Central Institute of Technology in Perth. I guess I could blame my seven year absence, but I was unaware that Central had such a prolific design scene and was more than just a place for short night courses in exotic languages - forgive me, that was my only experience. I am so happy to be shown my ignorance. Vivid was the first exhibit at Decor + Design that I walked through, and it wasn't until I saw the separate CIT stand that I realised so many of the entrants (and successful ones at that) were from my home town of Perth. Not to mention that more than half of the student entrants in the VIVID Design Competition were from WA - including CIT, University of Western Australia (UWA) and Curtin University (my home turf!). Go West!

I've tried not to be too limiting of my selection of designs that I found at the conference, so if you notice that your design is not here, just know that I was so overwhelmed by the talent, I may have forgotten to grab a card or scribble a note. For now, enjoy all this sunny WA talent and I'm sure I'll have another post soon with more.

Aerial Chair by Megan Devenish-Krauth, industrial designer at Megmeg, Perth.
Aerial Chair by Megan Devenish-Krauth, industrial designer at Megmeg. I want this!}