Re-use Revolution breeds new App

I have put together a few of my faves from the recently launched Couchelo app below to showcase just a few of the large range of items available.

To celebrate the launch of the app, Will and the team are offering a $250 giveaway to 5 lucky people. More information on the giveaway at the end of the post!

Vintage finds on the Couchelo App. The RSD Blog.

So get in there all my lucky, wonderful Melbourne and Sydney readers and snatch them up quick - or if you are feeling generous, feel free to send some of them my way Winking.


Home Open

If you have noticed my absence of late, here’s why - we are preparing for the big move back out west! We are sadly saying goodbye to our cultured, hip Melbourne-town home and hello to beach sunsets and perfect weather Perth (not to say that it isn’t also cultured and hip, of course - Love ya Perth). We’ve reached a time in our lives where family-at-a-distance isn’t working so well and our boys deserve to be surrounded by loving grandparents, uncles and aunties, pets and wide open spaces.
Before I get too soppy, the main reasons for this post were to give you some cheap update ideas for your home, a few tips for simple styling for sale and giving you a sneaky-peak into our lives and home. Enjoy.

Here are some simple tips for refreshing your home before sale:

1. Keep colours neutral.
You may love neon pink or cobalt blue but not everyone will - and not everyone has the imagination to see past it if they don’t like it. You don’t have to avoid colour, just stick to colour in flowers, soft furnishings and artwork.

2. Keep spaces bright.
I do love a good moody Abigail Ahern or Kelly Wearstler room, but I think this belongs in a space that you are going to inhabit for the long term. If you want to maximise the range of interest, keep it light, bright and airy. Lighting at many different levels adds interest - think combinations of candles, table lamps, floor lamps, overheads, wall sconces or whatever you have at your disposal.

3. Fresh flowers and plants (or even good fakes ones) are a must.
They bring colour, style and life (or appearance of life if faux) to your space, not to mention fragrance. Just don’t let the fragrance be too overpowering - air out spaces, keep water fresh and replace flowers if they start to get a bit droopy or pongy.

4. Decluttering is a given really.
Noone want to buy the house of a hoarder, who knows what else you might find after purchase. Pair back your living spaces and tidy display areas. That doesn’t mean depersonalise or make it impossible to live, but presenting the space how people would like to live (i.e. neat, organised, stylish) sells a lifestyle not just a house.

Feel free to disagree as every house has it’s own personality. Below are a few before and after’s of our own house to give you some ideas.

Master Bedroom before and after on Romona Sandon Designs blog. #interiors #beforeandafter #styling #home #bedroom
{In the master bedroom, all the curtains were removed from the house to bring more light into the spaces and reduce some of the heaviness of the rooms. Both block out blinds and sunshaders are in the bedrooms while just blockouts are in the living spaces. The walls are a pale grey, Nippon Nighthawk 1, and the ceiling light was replaced by a fan and light for much more comfortable summer sleeps. Adding a rug, cushions and throws for softness as well as customising my lamp shades makes it a bit more personal. Spaces can still have personality while being clutter free - just choose a few key pieces like books and photo frames to make the space feel lived in and not like a showroom}


Do you Adore?

Sorry for the mega delay in posts! I have finally painted my laundry-slash-office and my computer was hidden under dust and splatter sheets. The room was in desperate need of a mini makeover, covering up the patchwork walls and ceiling, and brightening from a dull yellowed cream to the now beautiful and bright white (FYI Dulux Lexicon Half on walls and Vivid White to ceiling).

For some insane reason, I forgot to take ‘before’ shots, so had to trawl through my databases for some random shots of the ‘back room’ aka Laundry aka office aka crap-dumping-space. Unfortunately the only before pics I could find show just how much crap normally surrounded me in the office space, but fortunately the tidy-up pre- and post-painting make the overhaul look like much more than it was.

Before and After | Home office update on the RSD Blog | #renovation #diy #home #office
{Office before and after}

I had a bit of fun with Washi tape (and more since) after deciding against painting a decorative element and not being able to find a decal I liked. The basic tutorial for the washi tape jewel idea on the door was from Objects & Use. I’m waiting for more washi colours and patterns from etsy to go even crazier.


Sydney Decoration + Design 2013 - Part 3

The final instalment of my Sydney trip to attend Decoration+Design. I shared my product faves with you in Part 1, and focused solely on the gorgeous Abigail Ahern in Part 2. Finally, I get to sift through the image banks of Greg Natale and bring you my favourites.

Greg Natale’s Wallpaper range for Porter’s Paints | More #Interior #design and Greg Natale on the RSD Blog.
{Greg Natale’s Wallpaper range for Porter’s Paints}

Greg’s seminar took us on a journey starting back with his inspiration as a child and knowing quite early on what he wanted to be and do.


Sydney Decoration + Design 2013 - Part 2

As you may know I had a whirlwind trip to and around Sydney mainly to attend Decoration+Design. (I was recently reminded that I shouldn’t be surprised that people know where I have been, when it is discussed on blog/facebook/twitter etc!) I shared my product faves with you in Part 1, however the highlight for me was obviously the seminars by Abigail Ahern and Greg Natale.

Abigail Ahern’s lounge room. Dark, inky palette brightened with multiple light points. More on the RSD Blog
{Abigail’s own lounge. Dark, inky palette brightened with multiple light points. Source}

The queen of eclecticism and dark, moody interiors, Abigail Ahern, was over from the UK in her own whirlwind Sydney sojourn. Her seminar drifted through her style guides and tricks of the trade, complemented by spectacular imagery. These spaces, tips and tricks are all summarising beautifully in her book.


Lamp revamp

Those that follow my mish-mashed Instagram account, may have seen my impulse buy at the Abbotsford Convent markets waaay back in Feb 2013. Some of you also commented on my lovely bedside table lamps from our real estate shots, home open and move. I've put together a quick summary of my DIY lamp update, but scoot down the page further for a bit more detail. Enjoy!

Nickel-plated lamp base with Washi-tape shade. #DIY Lamp revamp on the blog.