Ruby ruby ruby ruby!

While in the past our Valentine’s day was spent enjoying delectable French cuisine et le vin under flattering, flickering candlelight, these days (i.e. post-kiddies) it has become an accidental tradition to get the kids to bed on time, get chinese take-away (all the naughty yummy dishes we normally try to resist) and sit on the couch watching a movie.

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, at Vintage & Nostalgia Co. See More #Valentines #Ruby #Red on the RSD Blog.
{Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, Vintage & Nostalgia Co.}

So to get in the spirit of V-day, I am sharing a bunch of my favourite red and pink products-n-pics to get you in the mood, whether you celebrate valentines day or just want a spicy boost to life. Ruby, crimson, cherry, blood, fire engine, imperial, evil-queen apple, fuchsia, magenta, rust, salmon and all the Pantones in between, whatever your shade of choice, hopefully there is something here to tickle your fancy.