The Monochrome Kitchen

While my boys (big and smalls) passed the hot Australia day with games and music, I took the opportunity to get some work done on our developing house plans. The drawing board lead to the Mac and modelling software, which inevitably lead to procrastination (i.e. doing ‘research’ on Pinterest and Houzz). I am always amazed by how many hours can pass while I am trapped in interior eye-candied cyberspace. 

My obsession at the moment is designing the perfect kitchen for my family - it needs to be robust enough to handle the two boys, clean and simple enough for my ‘minimalist’ husband and eclectic enough to suit my many varies tastes. Easy, right!

I have always loved a black and white kitchen, the bar constantly moving on the proportional scale between the two. A few years ago, I would have been happy with almost all crisp, glossy white, but I have been swinging towards textured black with glossy white accents lately, as it seems so many of you are as well. Here are a few (and by that I mean heaps!) of black and white kitchens to get you inspired.

#Black kitchen with pattern tile, architectural moulding and detailed cabinetry - by Greg Natale. From The #Monochrome #Kitchen, the RSD Blog.
{Loved this even before I saw it was Greg Natale’s work - should have guess that from the pattern and mouldings but I always end up loving his style}

Striking Kitchen in 33 Mackenzie Street Tower Melbourne By Elenberg Fraser. From The #Monochrome #Kitchen, the RSD Blog.
{Striking Kitchen in 33 Mackenzie Street Tower Melbourne By Elenberg Fraser}


Orange Brights

I’m channeling warm summer thoughts out into the dreary Melbourne Winter sky with today’s post. Below are a collection of some of my favourite orange products in shades ranging from zesty mandarin and persimmon to fiery burnt orange and rust.

For a bright statement piece, The Martini side table in Persimmon from West Elm. It’s also available in White, Silver and Antique Brass. More #Orange on the RSD Blog.
{For a bright statement piece, The Martini side table in Persimmon from West Elm}

When highlighting orange, I couldn’t go past Greg Natale’s stunning Chevron wallpaper in Burnt Mandarin. I know I harp on about his products, but why not when they are just so special. Read on for more beautiful, bright orange delights!

Greg Natale’s stunning Chevron wallpaper in Burnt Mandarin through Porter’s Paints. More #Orange on the RSD Blog.
{Greg Natale’s stunning Chevron wallpaper in Burnt Mandarin through Porter’s Paints}


Beautiful Reading

There has been a sensational surge of design and interiors books in the market at the moment. Nothing makes me giddy like a big brown cardboard parcel waiting at the door - The delivery guy must know my house pretty well by now! Here a few of my recent purchases. I have read most and flicked through the others, to be scoured over at a later date when I can get a child-free moment. They are all beautifully presented and chock-full of images to bring out that inner interior-envy.

My own little stack of inspiration-boosting tomes. Interiors & Decorating Books. More on the RSD Blog.
{My own little stack of inspiration-boosting tomes}

Perfect gifts for the budding decorator or interior-style aficionados, or just a private pressie for yourself. They are all available through their individual websites, with sometimes added bonuses of signing, freebies or pretty wrapping, or you could try Booktopia. Here are my recommendations.


Sydney Decoration + Design 2013 - Part 3

The final instalment of my Sydney trip to attend Decoration+Design. I shared my product faves with you in Part 1, and focused solely on the gorgeous Abigail Ahern in Part 2. Finally, I get to sift through the image banks of Greg Natale and bring you my favourites.

Greg Natale’s Wallpaper range for Porter’s Paints | More #Interior #design and Greg Natale on the RSD Blog.
{Greg Natale’s Wallpaper range for Porter’s Paints}

Greg’s seminar took us on a journey starting back with his inspiration as a child and knowing quite early on what he wanted to be and do.


Decoration + Design

Hi Everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that I’m off to Sydney tomorrow to catch up with friends and colleagues as well as take in the sights at Decoration+Design.

Atelier Abigail Ahern. Decoration + Design preview on the RSD Blog
{Atelier Abigail Ahern. Image from her seriously cool blog}

Super excited about the seminars by Abigail Ahern and Greg Natale. Here’s a sneak peak at their work…


Ruby ruby ruby ruby!

While in the past our Valentine’s day was spent enjoying delectable French cuisine et le vin under flattering, flickering candlelight, these days (i.e. post-kiddies) it has become an accidental tradition to get the kids to bed on time, get chinese take-away (all the naughty yummy dishes we normally try to resist) and sit on the couch watching a movie.

Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, at Vintage & Nostalgia Co. See More #Valentines #Ruby #Red on the RSD Blog.
{Vintage Valentine’s Day cards, Vintage & Nostalgia Co.}

So to get in the spirit of V-day, I am sharing a bunch of my favourite red and pink products-n-pics to get you in the mood, whether you celebrate valentines day or just want a spicy boost to life. Ruby, crimson, cherry, blood, fire engine, imperial, evil-queen apple, fuchsia, magenta, rust, salmon and all the Pantones in between, whatever your shade of choice, hopefully there is something here to tickle your fancy.