Easter treats

Easter has come around super-quick this year. Probably something to do with the eggs being out before the christmas decorations are down at the stores!

I know the actual meaning of Easter is more to do with going to church (which I’ll be honest, isn’t half as appealing since Father Bob is no longer at St. Peter and Paul’s) and dying/painting boiled eggs (on my Russian Orthodox, Polish side). But it is hard to avoid the saturation of bunnies, bright and colourful packaged little chocolates and as my son constantly points out at the front of major grocery chain stores (at child eye-height no less!) giant chocolate dinosaur eggs with enclosed Pixar character toys (wtf?!)

Mozi’s Woodland Rabbit Melamine plate | More Easter treats on the RSD Blog.
{Mozi’s Woodland Rabbit Melamine plate. Cute and whimsical matching cups, apron and bunting available too!}

Giving in to the ‘spirit’ of the season, here are few of my top finds to get your home into the spirit too.