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It’s all too easy to get stuck in a design rut when it comes to your home. However, with a little creative thinking, it’s possible to revamp your property. The following simple but effective design tips could help you to improve your house and they might even enhance your life.

Window dressings that put you in control

If you assume window dressings are just there to look pretty and give you some added privacy, think again. By choosing these home accessories carefully, you can bring added comfort to your rooms. For example, it’s now possible to purchase stylish and highly practical blockout blinds and curtains. Available from window dressing specialists like Curtainworld, these accessories give you complete control over light levels in your home. Whether you want total darkness to help you sink into peaceful slumber or you’re keen to create the movie-theatre experience in your lounge, these blinds and curtains can help.

Chambers Street Residence in South Yarra, Melbourne by MIM Design. #rug #interiors #curtain #bright
{Chambers Street Residence in South Yarra, Melbourne by MIM Design}

Soft furnishings that exude style and bring added comfort

Another quick and easy way to refresh the look and feel of your property is to add some new soft furnishings. While a simple rug and a few cushions may not seem much when you consider them on their own, when you adorn your rooms with an array of lavish new accessories, they can have a transformative impact. Thick pile rugs for your floors, soft throws for your seats and a scattering of stylish cushions on your couch and bed can really bring your rooms to life.

Appartement Lyon 5 By Maison HAND in Elle Decoration. Photo by Romain Ricard. #shag #pile #rug  #curtain #dark #interior
{I'd love to cosy up in this place right now! Appartement Lyon 5 By Maison HAND in Elle Decoration. Photo by Romain Ricard}

Bring the outside in

Another simple and satisfying way to enhance your home is to bring the outside in. Most people have at least a scattering of small pot plants in their properties, but why not take this a step further and introduce big, bold plants that make a real style statement? From the Zanzibar gem to the golden cane palm and Madagascar dragon tree, there’s certainly no shortage of options to choose from. This greenery can be used to liven up otherwise bare corners, soften stark walls and generally add a jungle look to your rooms.

Jazmina's Melbourne bathroom. #plant #bath #rug
{Jazmina's beautiful Melbourne bathroom featured in The Room Illuminated}

As well as improving the appearance of your home, plants may help to boost your health. According to research conducted by Professor Margaret Burchett and Dr Fraser Torpy from the University of Technology Sydney, indoor greenery can remove pollutants, cleanse stale air and reduce symptoms such as sore eyes and headaches. The scientists also suggest that plants can help to minimise feelings of stress and fatigue. The best thing is, you don’t have to splash much cash to get your hands on these home accessories and, as long as you care for them properly, they’ll give you many years of enjoyment.

I hope you all enjoyed these few tips from our contributor Gail Newland. I personally love seeing plants of all sizes inside. Thanks Gail!
Do you have any tips of your own to share?

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