Planning + Procrastination

Being a perfectionist is hard work.

Being a scaredy-cat one is even harder.

I've been delaying this blog for some time now, determined to have at least a few months of posts planned, laid out and prettified. I had planned to post my thoughts and highlights of several Home shows, Decoration + Design, Furnitex, Green Building Conferences, Design Made Trade, Saturday In Design... using any trade event to get motivated to finally post my first entry. With two boys under three and running my own business from home this has been pretty unsuccessful, and I think missing the point of why I wanted to have this blog in the first place.

So what is my aim? I guess I am still trying to figure that out, but here's a start.
A record of my experiences and inspirations;
A gallery of my personal style, tastes and influences;
A silent venting arena for my design goals, successes and failures;
And an excuse to have at least a few minutes quiet-time away from my two little boys and one big one.

I'll try and keep it short and sweet although I am not really known for that, as you may already be able to tell. 'Be Succinct' was constantly in bold red pen on my high school English Literature Essays. Never quite mastered that.

I hope to bring you a little bit of design, colour and visual delight each week. I will try not to let my nerves get the better of me - with so many wonderful architecture, interiors, art, design and décor blogs out there, I doubt any one will be reading this little one yet anyway.

Next post – a quick highlight of my Saturday In Design runaround over the weekend, with a few  happy snaps. Hope you enjoy.
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xo Romona
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