Saturday InDesign 2012

I wouldn’t recommend scurrying around Melbourne CBD in the rain, carrying a bag, brolly and baby, but to get our design fix and not miss out on the splendour that is SiD, us mums have to do what we have to do.

I’m lucky to have been blessed with two very co-operative babies (my first was strapped to me in the same Baby Bjorn two years ago at the last Melbourne Saturday InDesign). Even so, it is a long day and if all things go to plan, I shall get to have my next one sans-bebe and stay for the inevitable evening festivities.

I love getting out and seeing the new products on offer, seeing other professionals and design enthusiasts cruising between show rooms with happy neon lanyards around their necks. Although it is a given these days for companies to have a wonderfully detailed and impressive looking website, there is nothing like running your hands over perfectly smooth and detailed timber or rough textural fabrics. Being stuck in the home most of the time, I relish the chance to get out to these events, and highly encourage it to all. 

Our day started a bit later than intended (as usual) and the first stop was Zenith Interiors. Bright colour, neons and geometry were evident, on-trend in all things at the moment. The impressive Godfrey Hirst neon pink geometric-edged carpet was a stand-out for me. Pumping music and yummy cheesy pretzels lead the way to a visual treat in the form of the Zenith Design Competition display, featuring creative ‘outfits’ for the TIPO chair.

Zenith Interiors and Godfrey Hirst carpet on the RSD Blog. See more at

I also fell for their wonderful Buzzitiles 3d, recycled-content wall panels (below) - Although I’ve only ever specified similar for commercial fit-outs, I’m hoping to form them into a headboard for our bedroom. Love that mid-grey pyramidal form creating depth and texture.

Buzztiles 3D on the RSD Blog. See more at

A few quick pop-ins along the way to the next destination,
Stylecraft, to catch up with a friend over from Radelaide. Love when events drag people to Melbourne from all over the country! She did a great job simultaneously catching up, pouring us champers, snagging the delectable little soft shell tacos and showing off their new and current products. The styling and quality that they displayed throughout the space was first class. My mum (Artist and Designer from Perth, Melva Babarskas) was about ready to snatch the striking orange chair from the entry, while I was coveting the rich black leather armchair and its surrounds.

Stylecraft Interiors at Saturday InDesign on the RSD Blog. See more at

Stylecraft furniture on the RSD Blog. See more at

The last few locations were all about lighting, lighting, lighting. Euroluce’s display was fantastic as usual. De De Ce also presented a classy exhibition. Again, my impending bedroom refurb was front-of-mind, so the selection of lamps in metallics and gloss were particularly appealing. Copper and Bronze are everywhere at the moment. It’s a nice break from the chrome/silver world - still up there with gold in luxuriousness, but not quite as cocky. Yamagiwa’s Mayuhana pendant by Toyo Ito at Euroluce was a glowing beacon in the corner and would look impressive in almost any space.

Lighting at Euroluce on the RSD Blog. See more at

Lighting at Euroluce on the RSD Blog. See more at

Lighting at Euroluce on the RSD Blog. See more at

Yamagiwa's Mayahana pendant by Toyo Ito at Euroluce on the RSD Blog. See more at

A tired and hungry baby put an end to the days festivities, although it must be said that he was exceptionally well behaved for most of it. Had a great day, met wonderful-beautiful people and definitely got my design-fix for the week.
Hope you enjoyed my second post and hopefully enjoy more to come.

xo Romona
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